Conformity Assessment

The Law on technical requirements for products and conformity assessment establish so-called open approach. It means that the competent ministry designate bodies that meet the prescribed requirements for performing conformity assessment activities, on submitted application.

Competence of conformity assessment bodies is evaluated on the basis of the standard requirements, through accreditation (though not exclusively). It is anticipated that the competence of the body to perform conformity assessment activities can confirm otherwise.

The relationship between a designated body and producer is a contractual relationship, and this is not public functions performing. Since that manufacturers and conformity assessment bodies establish a contractual relationship, in terms of legal remedies, designated bodies should deal with complaints within their organizations, and if the producer believe that he is damaged by violation of the contract provisions (e.g. in denial or withdraw certificates) legal protection is available through the regular civil litigation.

In case that the competent minister determines that the body no longer meets the prescribed requirements, or that does not fulfill its obligations, then there is the possibility of temporary or permanent repeal the decision on the designation.

The manner of designation is prescribed by the Regulation on the Manner of Designation and Authorisation of Conformity Assessment bodies.

Opinion on the implementation of the Rulebook on Personal Protective Equipment issued by Ministry of Finance and Economy   (Available only in Serbian language)