Foreign Draft Technical Regulations

Notifications of foreign draft technical regulations enable proceeding of competent authorities in Republic of Serbia upon receipt of foreign notifications of draft technical regulations. Notifications are aimed at prevention of unnecessary barriers to international trade.

Procedure upon receipt foreign notification:

Remarks of competent authorities or comments and suggestions of stakeholders on foreign draft technical regulations Ministry of Economy considers and decides on the content and form of possible objections and submit them to the signatory of international agreement or an EU member state.

On this page you can view the Archive of foreign notification (report) of draft technical regulations that are members of the World Trade Organization reported to WTO Secretariat.

Searching of notified technical regulations, i.e. notifications by the Member States of the EU notified within the implementation of Directive 98/34/EC can be carried out by the TRIS base of the European Commission.

CEFTA: Notification 1 - ALBANIJA detergents

CEFTANotification 2 - ALBANIJA labeling of energy-using products

CEFTA: Notification 3 - ALBANIJA energy labeling of washing machines

CEFTA: Notification 4 - ALBANIJA labeling footwear materials

CEFTA: Notification 5 - ALBANIJA labeling crystal glass  products

CEFTA: Notification 6 - ALBANIJA energy labeling of refrigerators used in household

CEFTA: Notification 7 - ALBANIJA non-automatic weighing instruments

CEFTA: Notification 8 - ALBANIJA measuring instruments

CEFTA: Notification 9.- ALBANIJA, cereals

CEFTA: Notification 10. ALBANIJA cattle feed