Projects QI



Bilateral projects
Name of the ProjectSupport ProgramProject goalBudgetProject Phase
1. Enhancement of Quality Infrastructure in Serbia GIZ ACCESS II- (2014 -2016) – Germany (funded by GIZ and PTB) Facilitated adoption and implementation of Action plan regarding QI strategy implementation; Enhancement of capacities of QI institutions. Overall budget of the project is 3.000.000,00 EUR (slightly less than a third of the amount is for QI improvement). PTB budget is approximately 250,000 EUR. After the first phase of GIZZ ACCESS 1 project had been successfully finished, the new phase of the project GIZZ ACCESS 2 (2014-2016) began.
2. Development of QI sector The Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing Better implementation of European legislation regarding Chapter 1 – Free Movement of Goods, especially in the field of lift safety and construction products. 40.000,00 EUR Proposal phase
EU funded projects
Name of the ProjectSupport ProgramProject goalBudgetProject Phase
1. Support to Industry Development through Strengthening Providers of Conformity Assessment Activities IPA 2013 Enhancement of QI system 6.000.000,00 EUR Project proposals are approved by the European Commission, the financial agreements are signed.
1а) Strengthening Capacities of National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) and Conformity Assessment (CA) Services in the Republic of Serbia IPA 2013 Enhancement of technical regulation implementation; strengthening capacities of Sector for Quality Infrastructure, QI institutions and conformity assessment bodies 1.000.000,00 EUR Evaluation of potential twinning partners is being carried out.
1b) Supply of Equipment Necessary for Improving of Conformity Assessment (CA) Services in Republic of Serbia IPA 2013 Raising the technical capacities of Directorate for measures and precious metals and conformity assessment bodies. 5.000.000,00 EUR Preparation of technical documentation and technical specifications for selected pieces of equipment by experts who conduct technical support.



Programme of support

Project goal

Project value

Project phase

Quality Infrastructure in the Western Balkans



Achieve enhanced economic integration with the EU/EFTA and development of market economy.

€2,880,560 (Sida €2,739,560, EFTA €141,000)

Implementation phase


Programme of support

Project value

Project phase

1. Technical Support to the Quality Infrastructure Institutions in Serbia


1.2 million €

Finished in December 2010.

2. Quality Infrastructure in the Region of the Western Balkans and Turkey


1.2 million €

Finished in June 2011 (extension implemented from February to June 2011)

3. National Quality Infrastructure Strategy

GIZ ACCESS I (2011-2013)

180.000 €

Finished in December 2013.

4. Quality Infrastructure in the Region of the Western Balkans and Turkey

EU MB IPA 2011 + EFTA 

2.625 mil. €

Finished in June 2014 (extensionimplemented from February to June 2014)

5.  Strengthening of the Serbian market surveillance system for non-food and food products

(Providing assistance to the competent authorities in enhancing market surveillance system.)

 IPA 2010

 2.850.000,00 EUR (less then 5% of overall budget is intended for QI development)

 Finished in 2015