Quality Oscar 2022 for the best organizations

Acting Assistant Minister Miodrag Dugandžija presented the annual awards for business excellence "Quality Oscar 2022" as part of the Quality and Business Excellence Forum, which is held to mark World Quality Day and European Quality Week.

The OSCAR QUALITY recognition is awarded by the Foundation for the Culture of Quality and Excellence (FQCE), in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy.

Awards are given to profit and non-profit organizations for the results achieved in the development and improvement of organizational and business excellence.

The Champion of Excellence award went to the Nelt group from Dobanovci, as well as the Specialist Rehabilitation Hospital Banja Koviljača, while the executive director of Nelt Robert Jenovai and the director of "Banja Koviljača" Aleksandar Jokić are leaders of business excellence.

As it was said, during its three decades of existence, Nelt Group has grown from a small wholesaler with five employees to a system with 4,700 employees in 18 companies in 12 markets.

The special hospital Banja Koviljača, with a tradition of 160 years, provides services in healthcare, diagnostics and treatment, as well as wellness and catering services.

The Milenium team from Belgrade was awarded for excellence in the areas of processes and technology and business results, BUCK Belgrade in the areas of strategy and market and users, and ABD-PROM Jermenovci for leadership and organizational potential.

It was pointed out that the Millennium team has become a regional leader in the construction industry, whose main activity is the design and construction of hydrotechnical facilities, roads, railways, gas pipelines, heat pipes, as well as construction engineering and consulting, as well as humanitarian demining.

BUCK Beograd started its work by designing suspended ceilings, and later started assembling lamps from other manufacturers in order to continue conquering its own architectural, then medical and street lighting.


ABD PROM has been in business for 30 years, it started with the trade of raw materials for agriculture, and since the construction of the cold store, whose current capacity is 5,000 tons, the main activity of the company is the processing and canning of fruits and vegetables.

Acting Assistant Minister Miodrag Duganžija pointed out that the Ministry of Economy supports this event because the recognition is a motivation for constant improvement of business, and thus increasing the competitiveness of the Serbian economy.

On this occasion, he highlighted the results of the work of the Ministry of Economy in this area, that is, some of the current activities and plans that go in that direction.

"At the beginning of this month, we submitted the final drafts of strategic documents for the three-year period to the European Commission, and we hope that we have thereby fulfilled all obligations for the opening of the first negotiation chapter, stated Dugandžija and added: " We wanted to use the knowledge and experience of experts, so at the beginning of the year we formed a "Council for Quality" of businessmen, the scientific and academic community and other interested parties for IQ. One session of the Council was held and we are intensively working on the preparation of materials for the next one, where we hope to adopt recommendations for certain improvements in the conformity assessment system in the Republic of Serbia".

He pointed out that a three-year technical support project was successfully completed at the beginning of November, which helped increase the degree of harmonization of regulations, improved the application of technical regulations by strengthening market surveillance, and contributed to the overall visibility of the quality infrastructure.

"In 2023, we plan to draw up the IQ Strategy for the period 2024-2030, and for these needs, in addition to experts from the economy, the academic community, and the Council for Quality, we expect support from EU pre-accession funds through two projects that we hope will start before the end of the this year," he concluded.

Director of the Sector for Strategic Analysis, Services and Internationalization at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Mihailo Vesović, assessed that it is impossible to continue business practices without consistent application of quality infrastructure at all levels.


"The good thing about 2021, even though it was difficult, is that the number of issued certificates increased by 15 percent. For the first time, we conducted research with the Ministry of Economy and the Institute for Standardization to see the effect on companies that apply standards in business, and it turned out that 200 companies said that they had a better position on the market because of this," Vesović said.

He also pointed out that it has been proven that companies that have standardized their operations are the most resistant to crises.

The Quality and Business Excellence Forum is traditionally held on the occasion of World Quality Day and European Quality Week, which this year is celebrated under the slogan "New Europe, new quality".

The second part of the Forum is the "With the Quality to the World" consultation, which brought together quality and business excellence experts from Serbia and neighboring countries, who present the latest trends and experiences in the field of quality management and business excellence here and in the surrounding area.

The organizer of this manifestation is the Foundation for the Culture of Quality and Excellence in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, with the support of the Ministry of Economy and under the auspices of the Oil Industry of Serbia (NIS).