Vitas: Quality necessary for the competitiveness of the Serbian economy

Acting Assistant Minister Nikola Vitas held a meeting with the representatives of the Directorate for Measures and Precious Metals headed by director Čedomir Belić, where they discussed current topics in the field of quality infrastructure.

"Product quality and safety are important for ensuring the competitiveness of the Serbian economy. In this sense, the work carried out by the Directorate for Measureand Precious Metals, as an administrative body within the Ministry of Economy that relates to the implementation of appropriate measurement infrastructure that ensures accurate, reliable measurements, is significant for the prosperity and improvement of the quality of life of citizens," he underlined. 

As he stated, a good dialogue not only within institutions, but also between the state and economic operators, is of crucial importance for achieving prosperity. 

"The Serbian economy is making progress, so we must continue to work actively to ensure good results," he underlined. 

The interlocutors discussed future plans, which will contribute to greater development of quality infrastructure.

On this occasion, issues related to the implementation of the Government's Work Plan for 2022 related to metrology were also discussed, as well as future support projects in this area, especially the initiative of the Sector for Quality and Product Safety to participate in the IPA 2021 project, which should start next year, which concerns the free movement of goods.