Free standards against COVID-19

During the state of emergency, the Institute for Standardization of Serbia enable freely download SRPS standards for protective equipment, medical devices, respirators, safety and resistance of organizations, in accordance with the decisions of the European standardization organizations CEN and CENELEC and the international organization for standardization ISO.

In order to help companies in Serbia, , to set up and maintain their business and contribute to the faster production of medical devices and equipment essential for the fight against the virus coronas, the Institute for Standardization of Serbia provided free access to Serbian versions of 14 European standards in the field of protective equipment and medical devices, during the state of emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has made available 28 other international standards relating to respirators and other medical devices, protective equipment, safety and resilience of organizations in emergencies, free of charge, read-only. A list of these international standards can be found at:

Free access to the standards is a direct support to interested companies involved in other activities to temporarily redirect their production facilities to the production of these products in accordance with European and international standards. Detailed information on free access to standards can be found on the ISS website:, or by calling the ISS Info Center: 011 3409 310/063 640 194 and selling the standards: 011 3409 335/064 6430 254

In addition to providing free access to these standards, the Institute for Standardization of Serbia, through its services and in other ways, helps enterprises to maintain their business during a state of emergency (by organizing free webinars on business continuity in crisis situations, interpreting certain requirements of Serbian standards without paying a fee, etc.).

During the state of emergency, the Institute for Standardization ensured business continuity, and for all information interested parties can contact the phones listed at the following address: