Legislative News

Safety of playgrounds for children

In the Republic of Serbia, at the moment, there is no regulation prescribing the technical and other requirements for playgrounds and equipment for children to play on those courts.

Having regard to that fact the only legislation that applies to the safety of playgrounds and play equipment are the provisions of the Law on General Product Safety ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 41/09). The provisions of Article 2 Paragraph 1 of the Law stipulates that the Law applies to all products except for those products whose safety is regulated by special regulations.

Institute for Standardization of Serbia took over in the Serbian Standardisation several standards for playgrounds for children:

- SRPS EN 1176-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 (Playground equipment and surfacing);

- SRPS EN 1177 (Impact attenuating playground surfacing - Determination of critical fall height);

- SRPS EN 13219 (Gymnastic equipment - Trampolines - Functional and safety requirements, test methods), and

- SRPS EN 14960 (Inflatable play equipment - Safety requirements and test methods).

In accordance with the Law on Standardization, and having in mind that for children's playgrounds there are no regulations or mandatory referral of such regulations to the implementation of Serbian standards in this field, we point out that the application of the above Serbian standards is voluntary.


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