Legislative News


Meeting of the explanatory screening for negotiating Chapter 1 - Free movement of goods was held in Brussels between 17th and 20th June 2014. The meeting was attended by representatives of relevant institutions and led by representatives of institutions in charge - Ministry of Economy and European Integration Office.

Delegation of the Government of the Republic of Serbia was headed by Ms. Tanja Miščević, Head of Negotiating Team with the EU and Jelena Popovic, assistant of the Minister of Economy and deputy chairman of Negotiating Group 1 (NG 1).

            In accordance with Decision on Establishment of the Coordination Body for the Process of Accession of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union, representatives of following institutions participated in activities of NG 1: Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Ministry of Transportation, Construction and Infrastructure, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Ministry of Energy and Mining, Ministry of Culture and Information, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RATEL), Road Traffic Safety Agency, Institute for standardization of Serbia, Accreditation Body of Serbia and Directorate for Measures and Precious Metals.      

            Representatives of Directorate-General for Enlargement and Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry pointed out that the meeting was excellently prepared by the Ministry of Economy, which is in charge of NG 1.           

            Importance of harmonization with EU acquis in the field of free movement of goods i.e. negotiations within Chapter 1, was pointed out, as one of the main issue in preparation of Serbian economy for free trade with EU countries. Representatives of EU also emphasized the importance of law enforcement in this area. That is one of the main preconditions for improving level of competitiveness of Serbian industry and for facilitating trade and cooperation between business entities from Serbia and EU, within European single market.

            EU Representatives also pointed out remarkable level of accuracy in questions that have been raised by Serbian delegation during the meeting.

            All participants made important contacts, with main aim to better prepare Serbian delegation for Bilateral screening and all upcoming activities of NG 1.

            Participants agreed about further timetable of activities to prepare participation of Serbian delegation in the meeting of Bilateral screening.