Legislative News

Guidelines for LVD and EMC Rulebooks published

Guidelines for the application of the Rulebook on electrical equipment intended for use within certain voltage limits and the Rulebook on Electromagnetic Compatibility have been published by the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development.


Guides are prepared in order to help all business entities, inspectors performing market surveillance, and other interested parties which use the new regulations – transposition acts on the New Approach Directives for LVD and EMC.

Guides are not interpretations of Rulebooks, but they are intended for all interested parties that apply to these regulations, in order to facilitate their implementation.


Published on the TEHNIS website of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development (only in Serbian language), they have been prepared in a format ready for printing and can be freely downloaded. Our plan is regularly update Guides, to add answers to the most acute questions of all interested parties.


We invite readers to submit suggestions and comments to Email: zoran.bakic@merr.gov.rs, so we can take them into account when preparing and reviewing new releases.